blurredvision (redcaterpillar) wrote,

Potential letter to the editor...

It seems as though we are in dire need of making it officially ‘Australian’ to discriminate against those who we deem to be ‘Un-Australian’. Just recently, I witnessed the bouncers at a particular celestial bar in George Street finding great joy in overtly discriminating against those individuals wishing to enter that were ‘Asian’, whilst the ‘Anglos’ were welcomed with open arms. Might I mention that those bouncers were not ‘Anglo’ themselves? Similarly, a couple of months ago my partner was in the bathroom at Central railway station, when an employee of ‘non-Anglo’ origin walked up to an Aboriginal woman washing her hands, demanding she turn of the tap as she was wasting water. When the woman refused, the employee aggressively reached across her and proceeded to turn it off herself, knocking the woman’s bag to the ground. This occurred twice more before my partner stated that she too washing her hands and had been doing so much longer. The employee obscenely abused my partner for getting involved and told her that this was none of her business. The confrontation continued as the employee and woman fought over the tap. Finally my partner asked that management be called. The story was explained and an official warning was issued to the Aboriginal woman and my partner, the reason being that they had caused a public disturbance. If only the government would bring back the white Australia policy, that way the reason could have simply read- ‘Un-Australian’.
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