blurredvision (redcaterpillar) wrote,

Wednesday night was impressive.
The Dawn Collective did Ziggy proud, with a wonderful rendition of Space Odyssey.
On a less impressive note.
I'm all packed up with nowhere to go.

Most impressive note yet.
Interviewing candidates to live with Orna.
#1- Wayne, a camp as they come English backpacker, who announced in his most gutter accent, "Are you gay orna? Because you're really pretty...(to me) No offence, i guess you are too, but it's just that i've never met a lipstick lesbian before!"

#2- Dawn, another English backpacker, personality exactly like Dawn from 'the office'. She had an obsession with the fan in the bathroom. So much so, that she came over again, with friends, to test it out.

#3- Suzanna, currently lives with 8 others in a share house in Stanmore. Is moving out because she's allergic to cigarette smoke. Orna told her she smokes, but she came over anyway. After a tour of the house Suzanna said, "NO!" Apparently she wouldn't have enough space. (Only 3 people live here...?)

#4- Nathan, not a talker, just a reader. Took 5 hours to finish a word.

Who would you choose?
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